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Docudex offers a unique range of office technology and office storage solutions and services.

Docudex solutions are designed to simplify and streamline business processes and specifically how information is created, controlled, accessed and archived.
Docudex introduces one common technology platform enabling users to access company information, either in a digital or hard copy paper format, in an integrated, seamless and efficient manner.
Docudex customers enjoy a wide range of valuable business benefits providing an exceptionally fast return on investment in under 12 months.
Mission Statement
The Docudex Mission is to create lean offices where customers can instantly access company records from both physical and digital databases helping them to make swift business decisions. Our staff will work with a style of openness and honesty, promoting a spirit of trust and understanding in everything we do.

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What does this mean for you?

Docudex office technology and storage solutions will offer your company the following business benefits

Integrated office technology
We help companies to merge office technologies combining the benefits of both hard copy paper files and digital information onto one common technology platform, easily accessible by all. Read more…

Systems Integration Technology

Office floor space savings
We typically make floor space savings, when compared to  your existing storage products, of 50%.  Read more….

Staff productivity
We can often increase staff productivity levels by up to 400%. Read more….

File security and control
We enable companies to comply better and more easily with industry regulatory bodies minimising user security breaches, improving file security and control. Read more….

Accessibility and disability
We offer improved accessibility in the workplace for both disabled and able bodied staff by automating office routines and processes helping companies to comply with legislation and at the same time offering ergonomic office storage solutions Read more….

Décor and design

We recognise that engineering functionality has to work in harmony with office style and aesthetics, all office storage solutions are designed to complement the work place. Read more….

We help companies achieve their environmental responsibilities, by making office floor space savings, reducing footprint, energy consumption and adding value to human resources. Read more….

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