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All organisations have over the past years reduced the amount of hard copy paper they keep, as many work towards or seriously contemplate the implementation of Content and Document Management Solutions. However many underestimate the vital role that paper documents still play in the office.

Those working in legal, financial services, government and healthcare sectors continue to rely heavily on paper documents for a range of regulatory and legal reasons. The poor management of these records can bring about many file security and compliance risks along with the associated and increasingly large financial fines imposed by regulators, as well as operational inefficiencies and loss of competitive edge. In particular staff productivity is low as a result of old fashioned working methods with ageing storage products such as drawer cabinets.

Controlling paper documents is just one part of the business challenge; integrating the management of paper and electronic documents into one seamless common platform is another. This goal is also critical to ensuring organizations can improve on the controlled access and file security of all their business critical information.

Docudex solutions enable both paper and electronic documents to be searched for via an enterprise look up system. The systems also provide security controls and audit trails over the two media types ensuring compliance with regulatory body guidelines and high levels of file security at all times.
Payback from implementing Docudex solutions can be significant. The ROI will vary between industry sectors, but those that are more reliant on paper-dependent processes, such as financial services, legal, government and healthcare, will enjoy the quickest returns. Any organisation using paper stands to gain substantially from staff productivity gains by integrating paper documents with their digital documents.

As a result of reducing the need for on-site office storage of paper records, many companies have enjoyed office floor pace savings of 50 per cent and dramatic staff productivity increases.
The benefits of using a single office technology platform include:

Increased staff productivity:
Minimizing paper processes reduces the costs associated with the storage and retrieval of paper documents from both on and off-site storage facilities.

Providing immediate access to business critical documents throughout an organization improves working collaboration and speeds up the decision making processes.

Business continuity
Electronic documents are easily duplicated and widely accessible. Hard copy original paper copies can be stored in Docudex Lektriever vertical carousels which can be fire protected and provide a high level of physical file security.

Improved file security:
Audit trails ensure every file activity is tracked, authorisation levels will only allow those with the correct security clearance to access documents.

By making substantial office floor space savings, increasing staff productivity, improving the working environment, reducing waste and lowering electricity consumption then organizations can improve their green credentials.

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