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UK cities rank amongst the most expensive in the world for prime office rentals according to the CB Richard Ellis Global Rents survey, add to that service charges and business rates then the investment in office space is a major consideration for many companies.

This is often driven by the fact that London and other major UK cities are seen as top locations in Europe to base your company. This takes into account, the climate for business created by the Government, external transport links, the cost and quality of staff, quality of communications, ease of access to markets, languages spoken, and quality of life for employees.

The UK is therefore a very attractive location and this is reflected in the cost of suitable available office floor space to rent.

Office technology can have a substantial bearing on the way that we store and retrieve corporate information and therefore the amount
of space that is taken up by the various types of storage products.

However many organisations still persist in storing records in out dated filing cabinets that are inexpensive to buy but consume large amounts of floor space, Cost of storage spacemaking the cheapest paradoxically the most expensive.

One 4 drawer filing cabinet can cost over £1000 per annum in floor space costs alone, let alone the other inefficiencies as a result of tired technology.

Docudex office technology solutions focus on making substantial office floor space savings as well as creating a single access and seamless technology platform which houses all company information enabling efficient working collaboration with colleagues across digital as well as hard copy paper information.

Typically Docudex office storage solutions will save in excess of 50 per cent of the existing
floor space, giving a return on investment in under 12 months on floor space savings alone.

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