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One of the most difficult business areas to substantiate in terms of return on investment is the improvement in staff productivity levels brought about by the introduction of Docudex office technology solutions.

Unlike in a manufacturing environment administration staff are not measured in pure productivity terms i.e. how many widgets are picked in an hour by an operator.

Therefore the process around measurement is less easy to calculate and certain assumptions need to be made. However there has been useful research carried out by several bodies, some interesting statistics are:

∙ One symptom of information overload is the inability to get the right information to workers at the right time, workers spend approximately 25% of their time managing information overload.

∙ It takes 18 minutes, on average, to find a document

∙ The average document is copied 9+ times

∙ 42 % of people accidentally use the wrong information at least once per week

If you add to these statistics the amount of non productive physical activity associated with manual filing and the risk of injury working with old fashioned manual systems s then staff cost savings can by far outstrip the savings made in floor space savings alone.
Add all of these benefits together then the business case to do things a different way is convincing.

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