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Docudex physical office technology solutions such as Lektriever and Shuttle help to eliminate all forms of non-productive physical activity, so bending, stooping and climbing are now all activities of the past.

Automation does the hard work for you and brings all media and content to you at an ergonomic working height. A perfect solution for both disabled and able bodied staff who are now able to do identical routine office tasks.

Under the Equality Act 201 all employers have a duty of care to ensure that disabled persons in their employment are not put at a disadvantage compared to other members of their non-disabled staff. Often to fulfil that duty, employers need to make reasonable adjustments to working arrangements to ensure compliance. These could include making adaptions or introducing technology to help the disabled carry out the job.

The job must “fit the person” and not the other way around, the work situation should not compromise human capabilities and limitations.

The Lektriever, vertical carousel, is an ideal office technology tool not only catering for those staff with disabilities, the heavily pregnant or infirm but also helping to prevent future repetitive strain injuries and back pain.
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