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As well as offering functional advantages over the conventional storage products, Lektriever vertical carousels are designed to fit into today’s modern workplace.

Dramatic floor space savings can be made, offering company’s the choice of increasing the amount of information they wish to store or to use the floor space savings to create additional workstations or offices and meeting rooms.

There are a multitude of standard colours from which to choose, as well as the possibility of having wood or textured exterior panelling to complement a broad spectrum of design styles.

Frequently when working on new build programmes, it is possible to build both Lektriever vertical carousels and Shuttle vertical lift modules through several floors of one building. Companies are able to gain maximum benefit from the system’s innovative engineering concepts.

Additionally in many instances Docudex solutions have been installed on the outside of buildings and then weather clad for protection. Access points can be created on several floors of the building according to departmental layout and user’s needs. 

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Decor and Design


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