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Taking responsibility for how your company’s office technology is implemented can provide real sustainability savings.

Frequently known as the 3P’s (People, planet and profits), your company’s Triple Bottom Line(TBL) captures a company’s essence of sustainability by measuring the impact of their activities on the world. A positive TBL reflects an increase in the company’s value including shareholder value and its human and environmental capital.

The building sector which consumes more than one third of the world’s energy and is the biggest contributor to the global environmental problem also can play a large part in the solution, by providing some of the most cost-effective and expedient ways to tackle climate change.

There are now more than 50 Green Building Councils transforming the global property market and building industry through green building rating systems and education.

Docudex office technology solutions can also play a small part by communicating with and educating its customers in the ways of intelligent storage. Saving floor space, increasing productivity, providing ergonomic office storage solutions for the disabled, as well as improved efficiencies all lead to making a positive contribution to the company’s sustainability and profitability.

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