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Citadel Fire Safe Cabinets- fire proof safes

Fire safe close upThe safest way to store your records and business data is in a Docudex Citadel fire safe cabinet
No business is immune to natural or man-made disasters such as fire, flood, hurricane, explosion, power outage and bombings.

Many companies cease trading after a major fire, not necessarily because of damage to the fabric of the building or stock, but due to mission critical documents being lost. The statistics are alarming, one out of two businesses never returns to the market following a major fire.

Those companies that survive plan their response to a disaster before it strikes and have well tried and tested business continuity plans in place to guarantee that in the event of a major fire the business is secure and can operate seamlessly without interruption.

Docudex has a wide range of fire safes to protect those mission critical files and data
    ∙ Docudex Citadel fire safes are specially designed to blend into your office environment and to provide you with “point of use protection”

    ∙ Each Docudex Citadel fire safe comes with either a one or two hour fire safe certification rating from one of the world’s accredited fire testing agencies. These tests include safes being put into a furnace and then being subjected to a heat of 1000 °C. Safes are then drop tested 9 metres and cooled down with high pressure hoses before being opened and the contents checked for any damageK lateral

    ∙ Docudex offers two ranges of fire safes for fire protection. One to protect paper and the other digital media. Both require different protective technologies as the respective media types are sensitive to widely varying temperatures

    ∙ The Docudex Citadel fire safe range comes with “slam-shut” features, as well as a choice of locking options

    ∙ Docudex fire safes range in size from a capacity of 115 to 830 cubic litres

    Fire safe drawers∙ All safes come with a wide variety of fitments to suit a range of media including hanging and files, pull-out drawers, tape racks, CD/DVD shelves and lockabale compartments

    ∙ All are available with key or electronic locks

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