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DocuShare - document and content management solution

LaptopDocuShare provides an intuitive interface so users can easily access, share and process information in just a few clicks. DocuShare document management solutions accept content such as paper, digital files, video, images and email - so you can manage virtually any type of content in a secure and centralised repository

Business process and document management automation speeds processing speeds from days to minutes, improving efficiency, accuracy, as well as your bottom line. You can upload digital documents or scan paper documents into multifunction printers with DocuShare and the documents are automatically routed to the right person or location.

Content rules and sophisticated workflows support all of your organisation’s business process management needs

ConferenceDocuShare helps you to protect file security and retain important business information and gain visibility into who did what, when, with your content

DocuShare Enterprise is designed and recommended for organisations that manage millions of documents and support tens of thousands of users

DocuShare document management solutions can work seamlessly with office technology products such as Lektriever vertical carousel units and Shuttle vertical lift modules, maintaining file security as a high priority

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- document and content management solution

Lektriever - vertical carousel

Shuttle - vertical lift module

FilePic - integrated office technology interface

Times Two - rotary filing unit

- mobile shelving and storage units

- fire safe cabinets

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