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FilePic - integrated office technology interface

Kardex diagram FilePic is a Docudex interface enabling automated storage and retrieval systems to seamlessly connect with Xerox DocuShare Content Management Systems as well as other products, services and software. This includes, but is not restricted to, Document Management Solutions and off-site storage providers.

FilePic enables DocuShare to integrate directly with Kardex Lektriever vertical carousels giving customers one common office technology platform, helping to bridge the divide between paper based and digital storage devices and provide file security.

Customers can work remotely at their desks on the DocuShare network and when the need arises to retrieve a hard copy paper document, users can request files via the DocuShare user management module which will prepare the file for their collection.

FilePic holds all file location data and receives instruction from DocuShare detailing the following :

    ∙ Approved authorisation of user request to access file

    ∙ Details of file location by machine number, shelf number and position on shelf

    ∙ Pick by light location finder

    ∙ Booking out period
When the user is ready to retrieve the file, he can identify himself at the terminal or via Card Swipe and the selected file will be presented to him preserving a high degree of file security.

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FilePic - integrated office technology interface

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