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Lektriever- vertical carousel

Saupe visual Lektriever vertical carousel is designed to manage a complete range of files and multi products, as well as other light weight goods and components. The contents are brought to the user in an average of 6 seconds either on instruction from a Content or Document Management System or directly by keying in simple instructions to the Lektriever vertical carousel controller manually, via a barcode scanner, or RFID technology.

For those companies working in restricted information sectors, the maintenance of file security is of paramount importance. Lektriever vertical carousels are ideal for such applications as they are
lockable and have a high degree of on board office technology.

Typically the Lektriever will offer floor space savings of 50% plus when compared to conventional manual storage products. This is achieved by making full use of the floor to ceiling height, normally 2.2 to 3 metres.

In new build situations, much taller vertical carousel units can be supplied. These can be installed through several floors of a building, meaning that much greater floor space savings can be made, and users across several floors can have access to commonly used and shared files.

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Lektriever - vertical carousel

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