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DocuDense - high density storage and mobile shelving

Mobile shelvingA high density storage or mobile shelving office storage solution for those areas where the safe keeping of high volume original documents or artefacts is key to the business process.

High density storage or mobile shelving is ideal for offices, hospitals, government, museums, industry, and retail, where high volumes need to be housed, and the available floor space is critical and costly.

A high density storage or mobile shelving office solution is best suited to areas where the anticipated access and retrieval times are measured in several picks per hour, not per minute

If you are looking for a high density storage or mobile shelving solution in your offices, sports club, museum, library, gallery or factory Docudex has the answer for you.

Nieuwe RiumtewinnerThere are three operating methods to choose from :

    Electric | Gear wheel | Manual
Electric powered mobile shelving is increasingly popular with over 40% of sales for this version. Additional benefits include, linking to different office technology products, software item tracking systems, improved safety systems and overall ease of use, with little to no manual effort required
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