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For all Docudex office technology products we offer a range of service level agreements

Service and support contracts

These include both software and hardware contracts:

    Bronze contracts covering 09:00 to 17:00 - 5 days a week

    Silver contracts covering 09:00 to 17:00 - 7 days a week

    Gold contracts
    covering 24 hour contracts -7 days a week

    Platinum contracts can be tailored to specific customer requirements

Help is at hand
For all hardware products such as Lektriever vertical carousels, Shuttle vertical lift modules or mobile shelving, then a pre-service contract inspection needs to be carried out prior to Docudex accepting any unit on contract.
Once a service contract is agreed and in place, then all units in excess of 8 years old are on a parts exclusive basis, and those under 8 years old have the option of being parts exclusive or inclusive.
Software service contracts include telephone support and minor updates but not new version upgrades.

Logistics and moves

Moving officeMovingThe ability to respond swiftly to customers’ changing needs is a strength on which Docudex prides itself.

So whether you are planning a small departmental move, a major internal re-shuffle or a full company re-location, Docudex has the required skill sets to work directly with you, or your outsourced facilities management team, to achieve a successful and hassle free project completion.

Services include:

    ∙ Unload equipment contents
    ∙ Dismantle
    ∙ Package and Move
    ∙ Re-install, test and commission
    ∙ Reload equipment contents
Lektriever 100Trade in allowances, Lektriever scrapping programmes and product upgrades- Kardex Lektriever, vertical carousel

Docudex welcomes the opportunity to discuss the removal and scrapping of your old and second hand Kardex Lektriever vertical carousel units, or products from other manufacturers, and taking them in part exchange against a new Docudex storage solution.

A typical trade-in allowance for a second hand Lektriever vertical carousel of at least £1,000 would be allowed against the purchase of a new Lektriever vertical carousel or similar priced solution

If you are looking to upgrade your old Kardex Lektriever vertical carousel units, it may be possible (subject to survey and evaluation) to use some of the components from the legacy equipment on the new thereby reducing costs.


We recognise that sometimes consultancy and independent advice is the first step companies take when working with Docudex.

In order to have an overview of the current processes around specific projects, Docudex will undertake a range of projects including, scoping and feasibility studies, surveys, audits, and supplier evaluations. This step is then followed up by comprehensive recommendations and proposals.

Docudex deliverables include:Consulting

    ∙ Implementing a common office technology platform ensuring compliance with your Document and Records Management strategy, bringing together under one solution both digital and hard copy paper information

    ∙ Making valuable floor space savings to create extra meeting rooms or additional work stations

    ∙ Providing file security and a controlled office storage solution complying with all relevant legislation and industry specific regulatory bodies

    ∙ Reducing the labour costs associated with hard copy archive, traditional office storage solutions and off-site storage

    ∙ Increasing the retrieval speed of individual files and improving staff productivity

    ∙ Adding value to customer relationships and enhancing employee satisfaction
Docudex staff will agree in advance the project deliverables and ensure that all relevant business elements are included.

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